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From Our Family to Yours

At Mattson Floor, we’re proud to be a fourth-generation owned company. From father to son, our family has shared and passed down a passion for the craftmanship and artistry for hardwood flooring.

Our work and projects span six decades. Our legacy is helping families build better homes so they can create lasting memories within them.

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Why Choose Mattson Floor?

With Mattson Floor’s team, you’re in good hands. Here’s why we can be the right flooring contractor for your family and project:

We’ve built a reputation for providing the highest-quality craftmanship and service. With 60 years of experience, there are few wood combinations and custom floor layouts we haven’t tackled already. We can help bring your vision to life!

Laying the Foundation for Lasting Memories

Our Family’s Story

In 1964, my grandfather Harold Mattson bought his own equipment and started Mattson Floor Inc as a side job to support his family. Soon after, he landed his first big flooring job: finishing the hardwood floors of the John Hancock Building in Chicago. From there, he grew Mattson Floor into a successful small business, with all four sons lending helping hands.

At 20 years old, my father Regil, bought Mattson Floor from my grandfather Harold and continued to build the family business in Michigan.

Our Family’s Story

As the oldest son of the family, some of my earliest memories are going to jobs with my father. I would sit and hang onto the head of the floor buffer as he prepped the floor for the next coat.

Growing up, I continued to work alongside my father and his crews, and soaked up every bit of knowledge I could.

In 2013, I became a co-owner of Mattson Floor with my father Regil, until his passing in 2017. Together, we grew the business into the largest hardwood flooring contractor in Southwest Michigan. Today, I’m proud to continue to honor our family’s legacy, and providing the highest-quality craftmanship and service for the families we serve.”

- Justin Mattson

Certified Professionals

Mattson Floor is a Bona Certified Craftsman, trained and certified by Bona for their complete hardwood floor finishing system. The Five-Star advantage* includes:

Durable & Beautiful Finishes: Bona water-based finishes dry 3-4 times faster than other products, and quickly diminishing odor means you get back in your home in a faster time.

Clean Air, No Dust: Our dust containment systems generate 99.8% less dust in the air than the traditional sanding process, making the air safer to breathe and the clean-up after the process a breeze.

Lifetime Support: For the life of the floors, Bona has the products and services that will support homeowners in maintaining beautiful floors for a lifetime.

Insured, Trained and Trusted: Every BCC is required to be insured and to participate in Bona’s rigorous training regimen to make sure every floor is done right every time.

Awards & Associations 

Timeless Quality & Style

Choose Mattson Floor for your hardwood flooring solution and build a better home for your family today.